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Hello BarcaForum. Big FCB Fan here! I am from Canada and my wife and I are travelling with some family from Switzerland to Barcelona in October. We are staying for 4 days and are looking to purchase 2 tickets to the FC Barcelona vs Racing de Santander on October 16, 2011 at Camp Nou. I have a few questions regarding purchasing the tickets. How soon am I able to purchase these tickets and are my chances of getting tickets to the game quite high or do I not stand a chance? We are looking to spend a maximum of 150 Euro/ticket so I am hoping we can get some decent seats to the game. Also, are the tickets available for printout, or do I need to get them sent to where we will be staying while in Barcelona? I have checked out a few sites that are supposed official ticket distributors, but not sure if I should stick to the main FCB site or if there are any trusted third party sites out there. If anyone is willing to help me out or can give me some info, it would be greatly appreciated.