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  • Gareth Bale

    16 18.82%
  • Jordi Alba

    32 37.65%
  • Alvaro Pereira

    16 18.82%
  • Other

    21 24.71%
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Thread: Which LB?

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    Hang on to Adriano.It looks like a LB cannot be found anywhere who is class,even players like Evra,Cole don't look that good anymore and concern over Alba's defensive problems,Alaba will not be sold and for Pereira i don't know much about him.Looks like a LB crisis is in the horizon not only for us.

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    How about Filipe Luis from Atletico?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josef K View Post
    How about Filipe Luis from Atletico?
    Good for Atletico
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    I prefer Aleksandar Kolarov from ManC. If not Alba will be good.

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    kolarov not so good defending

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    Alvaro Pereira would be nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by DucdeOrléans View Post
    2 words:

    David Alaba.

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    We do not sell players, and certainly not David Alaba, who will play a major role in the future of Bayern. Barcelona can save the 20 cent phone charge to Munich
    - Rummenigge

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    Barcelona can save the 20 cent phone charge to Munich
    true badass

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    Typical Rummenigge.

    Not surprising though but I liked Alaba's reaction to the rumours.

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    Alaba > Pereira > Alba > Bale


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aryagorn View Post
    true badass
    "bayern doesn't sell players, we only buy them"

    so better forget alaba, he'll never join us
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