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Thread: 2012-2013 : What is needed ?

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    2012-2013 : What is needed ?

    So, after the worst week in 4 years of Pep team, time to reflect and see where & how to improve...

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    LB (if Abi quits)
    Deadly finisher
    who? I dont know

    in terms of playing:
    not relying on messi so much
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    1)Pep to renew his contract
    2)Pep start believing and using Montoya and other Masia products that aren't attackers or midfielders
    3)Ditch 3-4-3
    4)Use Cesc as back up not regular
    5)New players that can add sth new and stop relying so much on Messi
    6)Maybe move Messi to the right side so he and Dani can do what they are best at
    7)Stop buying overpriced players
    8)Healthy and on form Pedro and Villa

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    1. buy alba and a CB (hummels,thiago silva)

    2. wait for villa

    3. start using dongou very slowly

    4. get rid of a few players, it has to happen even if it hurts: a few of this list (cuenca, tello, pedro, adriano)

    5. fabregas for xavi not WITH xavi

    6. start using montoya

    7. pep or bielsa

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    1. Sell Keita

    2. Xavi and Puyol less playing time

    3. Put Iniesta in the f**king midfield

    4. Sell one or two of our wingers (Tello and one more, decide between Affelay or Pedro)

    5. Teach Cesc how to make faster decisions and play him in the midfield

    6. Don't let Messi always drop to deep (+ rest him in some matches)

    7. Buy new CB

    8. Buy new defensive LB

    9. Promote Muniesa

    10. Buy a new striker/winger

    11. Maybe promote another youngster on CM

    12. Let Cuenca play more

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    That and starting to score more and fail less...
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    Understand that there is more than just one style of playing football and just because teams don't play the 'Barca way' it doesn't mean they are playing anti football

    Also learn how to adapt and have a plan B other than just constantly passing the ball around hoping for a break

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    No injuries and no fatigue.

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    Here's my take on it...

    Defense :

    Last couple of years, we have always been short in defenders in the most important periods of the year. Clearly we need to have more manpower there.

    Seen the importance of bringing the ball in, I'd chose a defender with exactly those skills : Jan Vertonghen, young, experienced, not too expensive.

    Back-up or replacement for Abidal : Either Alba or Gareth Bale. Bale would provide us with a 'left-footed Dani Alves'

    Please play with 4 defenders, unless we're in a unusual situation (eg. second half yesterday)

    Midfield :

    Imo, we're ok here. Lots of quality for the 3 spots

    Attack :

    One of the main 'bad' characteristics of our play, is that we do not use the wings. I'd like us to get a young, yet somewhat experienced winger. Thinking of : Hazard, Neymar, Gotze, Muniain. My favourite would be Hazard, next Neymar. Gotze I'm worried about him being injury-prone, Muniain is maybe still a bit too unexperienced (not ready yet), though after one year at Barça I could see him grown to the type of player we need. I see too much doubt in guys like Tello/Cuenca, even Pedro, to take up their man.

    Messi dropping too deep, meaning we don't have a reference in attack. Imo, Sanchez is exactly what we need at CF, his runs remind me of Eto'o, going behind the defense, great speed, great fighting spirit... This means either Messi going back to right-wing (where he was taken away in order to not tire himself pressuring the opponents), or slightly adjusting our system (messi as a number 10). Although I never was in favour of changing the 433, having Messi in your team might be a good reason to do so.

    General :

    I'd like to see us loaning out the Cuenca-Tello type of players, so they get experience before playing at Barça. In games like these of the last week, you need experienced/proven players (unless you win, because then you're always right).

    I'd like to see us using more of a sharp counter-attack, if the situation is there to take advantage of. We always seem so slow in building up, whilst at times there's like an ocean of space to explore after regaining possession (learn some from Madrid in this sense).

    I still believe in this team, I still believe in our philosophy, the team, the coaches... Yet sometimes to keep your level, you should improve in some points. Learn from your mistakes, try thing differently. I don't want to change everything, just keep what's good & proven (last 4 years is good, & proven), just make some slight changes, you can always improve.

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    1. Promote quality youngsters for backups - Muniesa, Montoya, JDS
    2. Slowly start to use Dongou and Gerard
    3. Buy new CB(Javi Martinez, Hummels, Thiago Silva)
    4. Buy Alba
    5. Buy winger or striker(Hazard, Adrian, Milito)
    6. Sell Pedro and Tello or Affelay, sell Keita, sell Adriano
    7. Fabregas and Iniesta in midfield not on the wing or in attack
    8. Less injuries, better finishing

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    1. Improve quality of shots on goal
    2. CB and LB aka T. Silva, J. Alba/Kolarov
    3. Little changes in our playstyle (everybody knows how we're playing, another year=more difficult to win)
    4. Wait for Villa

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    Buy Neymar and Falcao sell Villa because he is now old and crap. Play 2-4-4 because we don't need to buy any defenders because Mascherano, Muniesa and Fontas are all brilliant.
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    1. Pep to renew the contract
    2. Dongou to Barca B
    3. A good goalscorer that can finish Messi's passes.
    4. Sell Keita
    5. Buy CB and LB
    6. Often use players from Barca B
    7. Shoot more on target

    Quote Originally Posted by psychotsek View Post
    Maybe move Messi to the right side so he and Dani can do what they are best at

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    1. CB and a LB (preferably Alba)
    2. Loan out Cuenca and (or) Tello, they need exp
    3. Renew Pep for 2 years
    4. Cesc and Iniesta to play in midfield, never in attack
    5. Stop using 3-4-3 as a plan A formation.
    6. Give Pedro time and wait of Villa to recover fully
    7. Practice long shots and free kicks
    8. Start giving Montoya and Muniesa more games since they will be promoted
    9. Dont use players out of position when we can afford not to do it
    10. Rest Puyol more regularly and Xavi especially before big games
    11. Messi shouldnt play so deep
    12. Asexis on RW
    13. Dont pair Xavi and Cesc

    I'll stop now cuz its becoming sort of a rant.

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    so now send this thread to pep