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Thread: Yugoslavia

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex88bg View Post
    Well there is a little bit of truth in that statement ,but you forget that there was a high percentage of serbs living in montenegro,bosnia and less in croatia so its deffinatelly not like northern ireland(and i find that incredibly insulting considering the serbian population before the wars)because most of these players had mixed origins.I dont really get that obsession that serbia claimed tittles because there arent many people here that are obsessed with yugo football,hell even i dont know what we accomplished in it,we were far more obsessed about basketball.But truth be told for me Croats were always a little better in football and serbia in basektball.
    I dont get those pointless nationalist accusations without any proof if you look at the list of players in the history of yugoslavia you will find a lot of good ones from Serbia and Croatia,i wouldnt mix Bosnia with this because their multi ethnical composition makes it really hard to differ who is from where etc..
    I was also referring to other sports. In basketball it's true serbian players were a bit better, but then again. I'm against the attribution of the trophies and merits of all sports during the Yugoslavia time, to one today's nation, like Serbia in this case.

    Those merits should rest with the history, and every nation should start from the beginning... just like Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro etc. did.

    I hope you get what I'm saying.

    No nationalist intentions in my last post, but one can't oppose that, it's the truth, and it actually shouldn't be like that. Quite disrespectful for other players with other nationalities.
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    Agreed,but you must agree we had some impressive sports history which should be remembered and to be a role model to all new generations about how different people can stay civilized and respectful to each other and even sometimes fight together when needed.