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Thread: Walter Pandiani

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    Walter Pandiani

    El Rifle, a true La Liga stalwart, has turned 35 a few of months ago, and it's about time we salute his greatness before he returns to obscurity somewhere in South America.
    Currently with Espanyol he's already scored his first (of a plethora to come!) goal of the season coming off the bench against Getafe.
    I'll fondly remember him for his many La Liga goals over the past plus 10 years, and especially for verbally abusing Cronaldo last season after Osasunas win over Los Merengues:

    What Cristiano should do is learn from Lionel Messi, and leave out this cocky attitude.

    He is the one who creates all problems, every weekend, and should be penalised. He should look to be the best in the world, and see if he is able to learn a little more. He has a screw loose. He has to learn to be more humble.

    Amen, Mr Pandiani.

    I bet Cristina shat himself staring into the eyes of a madman.

    Oh yeah, and here we have El Rifle doing some serious sweating during a recent interview:

    What a man....

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    If I'm not mistaken he also said something like "Ronaldo would have his teeth knocked out if he acted like this in Uruguay" And that Ronaldo kept telling him "I get paid more than you, what have you won?" every few minutes.

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