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I have asked this before and didnt get an answer, but why does Barca-fans hate Courtois that much?
This was a thing way before he even joined RM, so whats the deal?
I was thinking of replying to this post , but I think his recent interview perfectly sums up this arrogant prick.

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"I consider myself to be one of the best, although the Spanish press would love to kill me," said Courtois.

"I feel very strong and I'm at ease because I know I train and play well.

"The goalkeeper went on to explain what happened in relation to the Cheryshev goal against Russia. "Cheryshev elbowed me and I therefore wasn't able to stop the ball from going in," he noted.

"It was a small error, but these things happen in the life of a goalkeeper."Next up for Belgium and Courtois is Cyprus. After that he will return to Madrid where the battle for the No.1 spot with Navas will resume.