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Thread: The Coaches Corner II: The Rise of the Rich

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfe View Post
    There is a huge article on Marca telling about terrible debt situation for Spanish clubs and players getting less than 50% of their wages. All debts of the clubs combined reach 4 milliard euros, 42 million towards players not getting their wages. At least half of Segunda Division and Segunda B clubs were taken to court by their players for not getting paid. Only Real and Barca are able to withstand this debt crisis, but something seriously needs to be done...
    Until you get equal share of the tv money then nothing will be done.

    Because if la liga clubs get equal share, this means they have more money to spend on players and this cash trickles down into the spanish leagues.

    Barca and Real may deserve the most tv money.........but without any opposition to play against (apart from each other) then there would be no games for tv....
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    Some great discussions here from before.

    Anyway where is episode I?
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