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The stupid fuck needs his work horses to be tall - Above 6ft I suppose. He does not even need them to be fast and aggressive while attacking the opponents with the ball like a bull - They just need to be tall
Last season we played 442.
That means 4 midfielders compared to 3 in 433.
Dembele was injured, so we played with 4 true Cms, Iniesta, Busi, Raki, Paulinho/Gomes.
Coutinho wasn't here.
Arthur wasn't here.

So, this season we have only 3 spots in midfield.
We lost Iniesta, Paulinho and Gomes and gor Coutinho, Arthur and Vidal.

So, this is the answer to questions: why did Paulinho and Gomes play, and Vidal isn't?

Well, we had 4 cms spots last season and Dembele and Coutinho weren't available.

Further, guys here are asking:
A run of games for Arthur.
A run of games for Vidal.
Dembele to play all the time.
Coutinho to play all the time.
Malcom to get more minutes.
Should I even dare to mention Alena and Puig?

If Dembele plays, that is only 3 spots in midfield.
Coutinho takes one spot.
Busi the other spot.
Arthur, Vidal, Rakitic should occupy the 3rd spot and get enough of playing time?
Further, what to do with Rafinha and Denis?
How to squeeze in Alena?
I won't even mention Roberto as a midfielder.

We have too many players in a team currently.
And all of them want to play.
We currently have 11 midfield options: Cou, Busi, Raki, Vidal, Arthur, Roberto, Rafinha, Denis, Samper, Alena, Puig.