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Thread: Classico Overdose

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    Shukran Pep
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10Rivaldo View Post
    Disagree. Real Madrid isn't that good. They make it difficult for us by kicking us off the park, but if they went against United it'd be more open and imo it's anyone's for the taking.
    Man Utd's style of play is perfectly suited for handling Real IMO...
    Alfredo Di Stéfano, Real Madrid's greatest ever player and the honorary president, spoke out. "Barcelona's football was simply brilliant," he said in his weekly column. "Their superiority was there for the whole planet to see: the whites were cornered all game. Barcelona play football and dance. They treat the ball with adoration and respect, almost nurturing it. To see this team in action is a delight."

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    Anyone seen this?

    Rather interesting...

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    Where the water is warm, the drinks are cold... and I don't know the names of the players.

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    I didn't read all the posts but will agree to an extent... All these classicos were a bit much and stressfull to me atleast... lol. I don't know forsure if that is what sparked the bad play between the two clubs but I was dissapointed with a couple of our players the first game though. With that said though, Mourhino, while being a great manager and winning many titles, is a real piece of work in my opinion. I lost all respect for this guy after the UNICEF statement. The former president Madrid has touched on it and I agree, they have given him too much at RM... In turn, I feel he has disgraced a legendary team.

    We've got a name that everyone knows: Barca!!! Barca!!! Baaarca!!!!!!