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Thread: Which players should FC Barcelona buy in the upcoming years and why?

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    See this Team fellow Barça fans:
    Valdes28/Young Keeper20 ?
    Dani27 (new contract soon I hope)/Adriano25
    Coentrão22 (cheaper then Bale)/Maxwell29
    Iniesta26/Fabregas23(Keita30 and money)
    Messi23/Alex Pato21 (for Ibra)

    Sell Henrique Milito Pinto Hleb Caceres Keirrison Bojan.

    And in 3 years buy Neymar for Villa and Fontas will be there for Puyol.

    Superb team for many years and not to much expensive.


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    Pinto isn't going anywhere. He's too awesome + Pep wants him to stay.

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    Resume: GK young, Coentrao, Fabregas, Pato then Fontas, Neymar.

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    De Gea to Replace Valdes ?

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    Aren't GKs enjoying their best years after they reach 30? Best is yet to come from Victor.

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    Barça should by a replacement goalkeeper for Pinto, he is getting old and i think we should sell him in the summer. We should by some experienced goalkeeper abov 30 years, that will sit on the bench al will deliver when he is needed. Maybe Coupet or someone like him. Then for the CB we should sell Milito because he isn't good enough, and buy Sakho or Verthongen. For the widebacks if Alves goes i'd prefer Van der Wiel of Santon, cause he can play left and right and he is young, as long term replacement. Maybe for the left back we should buy Filipe, because Abidal is very good at playing at center back. For the midfield, we can maybe buy Fabregas, but he is not necesary this year cause Affellay adapted in our system very well, and Xavi can play few more years, and Iniesta will play for many long years. We even have Thiago who will become better and better. I think maybe we should sell Mascherano, he doesn't fit and buy some other defensive midfielder, such sa Diaby, or I don't know who at the moment. In the attack we should by backup for Pedro, and that would be Alexis Sanchez, if not him then go for Bale, who would tottaly fit in our style. And for strikers maybe Cavani or Pato.
    Prefered summer shoppings: Experienced GK, Sakho, Fabregas, Sanchez.
    Out: Pinto, Milito, Mascherano.

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    De gea is too good and too expensive for a second gk we just need a young good and cheap gk that can be the sub of Valdes and learn with him.

    Save that money to sign Dani Alves new contract coentrao(around 20mil) fabregas(Keita+30mil) and pato maybe for ibra's money.

    Then wait 2 years (save some money during 2012) and buy Neymar 2013
    In 3 years and a replace for Maxwell (?) and Fontas for Puyol
    and next years we just need 1 player per season or even none just resign the contratcs with the current squad.

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    Well, GK spot is saved for another 5+ years. Plus, we can have one of our young'uns be backup to Valdes no problemo I think.

    We can save tons of money by buying Nagatomo this summer instead of Coentrao or Bale (assuming he's an LWB) for the LB spot, assuming he doesn't go through with his loan at Inter after the summer. It will be foolish to ignore him over a more expensive European equivalent when he can do their job for 2/5 of their price while at the same time being as effective than the others ever will be. Then again, Inter have the first option on him, so.

    IMO, he's a perfect fit for Barcelona since he's an attacking LB with superb (from what I've seen) defensive skills for our style of play. Can't blame him for not looking good in the Serie A (at least, I don't think he's doing well there) when Italy can't have those types of SBs. Besides, attacking SBs thrive on possession. I think Nagatomo's price will skyrocket in a couple years.

    I have no idea what we should do with the RB spot. Dani Alves can never be replaced. Not even Maicon will do (LOLOLOL). I mean, I believe the best replacement for that spot is Cha Du-Ri, but he's like 30 (I thought he was 22 in the WC X_X) and thus would be a short term replacement. Plus, he's not as good as Dani Alves. He won't be the full right side of the field and neither will Adriano. There's only one player that can do this and that's Dani Alves.

    Hold on... LOLWUT Asians can play football? Believe it or not, they do, and if you watch them, Nagatomo and Cha Du-Ri are world class Barça-quality attacking SBs. And yeah, the Asian game requires attacking SBs, unlike Italy and England (to an extent). In the coming years, expect to see more Asian SBs play in the top leagues, which will mean less Brazilian SBs.

    We need another CB when Milito leaves. In fact, we need 2. I don't want another Chiggy, Henrique, or Caceres (you know, young CBs expecting to break into the 1st team), so our scouts gonna scout. Abidal would be a more-than-sufficient backup if we get Nagatomo or another LB for next year.

    CM is the big shady spot for the years to come. When Xavi gets old in like 1-3 years, we won't be the same. So it's either buy Cesc or cross our fingers with Thiago. And yeah, I don't know if any of the Asian CMs will cut it if you're going to flame me for joining the Asian bandwagon <_<

    The wings are well covered, but we may need another striker as Villa is approaching 30 soon. I don't know if Bojan will cut it in this position. Seems to me that Pedro is more Villa-like than Bojan, too. Also, we can't sign a backup for Messi as there isn't anybody else in the world who will play like him.

    But yeah, IMO, Nagatomo or another attacking LB must be the first option for next year.

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    I cosign the idea to get Nagatomo chocobo

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    Barça team for season 2011/2012 (please tell if you agree):

    Starting 11: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Puyol, BALE, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Villa.

    Subs: Pinto?, Adriano, SAKHO, Abidal, Fontas, Maxwell, Keita, Mascherano?, Afellay, Thiago, Dos Santos, Bojan, Jeffren, SANCHEZ.

    IN: BALE, SAKHO, SANCHEZ + maybe some experienced goalkeeper and some defensive midfielder.

    OUT: Milito + maybe Pinto and Mascherano.

    What do you think about???

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    no to Bale...he would be far too expensive and i'd rather have Coentrão or Sakho as competition/cover for Abidal...

    keep Pinto and Mascherano...both good backups for us IMO...

    JDS won't be in the first team squad next season/ever either...

    Sánchez is good but he would be an expensive backup IMO...not sure he is THAT great either really...

    Milito out i agree with...we also need to finally get rid of Hleb, Henrique, Keirrison and possibly Cáceres...

    Thiago is being promoted to the first team squad next season and hopefully Fontas will be aswell...i would also try and buy Sakho...that means we will have good backup options for Piqué and Puyol in Fontas and Sakho (who can also cover at LB if needed) and we will have good cover for Xaviesta with Thiago, Afellay and Keita...

    we just need better backup options for MVP...Bojan clearly needs a loan to gain regular first team experience/confidence and Jeffren is injury prone...really not sure who to suggest though...i'd only really want Pato or maybe Agüero and obviously they would both be very expensive and are not backups...haha...

    in conclusion i would promote Thiago, Fontas and maybe Bartra to the first team squad and buy Sakho and a good backup for MVP...maybe van der Wiel or Isla if Alves decides to leave but i really hope that doesn't happen...

    we don't really need Cesc but i have a feeling we will put in another bid for him this summer...
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    I think Abidal is getting a little old so for me Bale would be perfect, better than Coentrao (not personal fan), but who knows, or maybe as you said Sakho would be enough...

    Definitely we should get rid of Milito, Keirrison, Hleb, Henrique and Cáceres, and Bojan we should loan, with that I agree...

    I think that in summer we have to make at least one big signing, cause its always good for a team. The players get motivated. If the team stays completely the same as the season before, it's not good, at least minor changes are needed. Maybe we should go for Neymar, he should be a great backup, and has talent, cause Aguero and Pato, are already too big stars to start from the bench. Or maybe Mata is the right person? But I really think Sanchez would fit perfect, a least that's my opinion, because I think he would fit in our tiki-taka system. Cavani would also be great in our team but would be too expensive, and there's no place really for him.

    All in all we'll have good backups and just minor changes are needed, max. three players in summer.

    And yeah even I have a feeling, we will again try to bring Cesc at any cost, just don't know, if it's really that necessary.

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    We need a backup striker, and a CB. The rest I think it's well covered with what we have on the b team.

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    Jawad Mahruz

    Rafael..Pique..David Luiz..Alves

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