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I hate our concept of defending a 1-0 lead. When Lucho, pulls this tactic is always to early in the second half and we are forced to suffer for the next 30-40 minutes and rely on the counter to try and get an additional goal.

Sometimes it works but when it fails it fucks us and the team goes into a panic trying to get another goal which leaves the team in even more disarray state and even more prone to concede another goal. that 1-0 lead we had ends up being 1-2 loss.
So you think we should keep attacking and expose our defense more? Ok that would be typical Barca we like but on the other hand do we have the defense to handle counter attacks in such situation?
Roberto get caught a lot in wrong positioning,Mascherano isn't having his best seasons and Umtiti while being a nice addition he has his fair share of mistakes. Digne (who has played only 6 minutes less than Alba this year) isn't the best defensive LB either and even Busquets isn't playing his best.
Our defense is younger this year and it is very prone as a result of it,we take the gamble when we aren't leading but I don't see the logic behind doing it while leading against a strong opponent.
Make no mistake,sitting back always improves a defense like this