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Thread: Petrinha's Barca

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armando929 View Post
    Great pictures. Loving the scene and architecture.

    Incredible wall with the Sinatra, Picasso pics.

    Really cool because you can just picture the Bohemians there. Its that type of scene.

    Els Quatre Gats is famous. Read a little about it. Never saw that place but I wouldn't doubt my father and mother did when they were there.

    The coffee looks tasty to me. But I'm judging the book by its cover here

    Awesome stuff, Petra. :thumbsup2:

    Tnx Arma, i just loved it there, the atmosphere of some past times making u travel back for a bit via the ambient, spirit and all was really nice ... coffe was okay, but since i am a coffe person i can distinguish good from average

    Quote Originally Posted by ViolentLogic View Post
    Wow damn nice pics Petra.

    And I know you are Croatian but how many languages do you speak? I see you writing in Portuguese and Spanish and Italian and English.... wtf girl?!
    Tnx Well yes, langauges r one of my passions besides sports, travel & arts, been learning them all my life since little age (tnx to my parents) ... i speak english, italian and portugues, spanish can understand mostly but speak less. Speak french too and some hebrew and arabic hehe, stil not satisfied with the levels, am working on it

    Some girls invest in their looks and i in knowledge, don't need much make up as have good genes lol .... kidding

    Quote Originally Posted by stokebarca View Post
    Your job is langauages aint it Petra? Very clever girl. I have not even managed a basic grasp of my own language yet, neber mind anyone else's!
    Well not exactly, it's literature and writing first, although when i write my articles for encyclopedias language knowing comes very usefull when u cannot find the sources in croatian but other languags esp italian or french ... do some translationes as well from time to time.
    Although i did study portugues as study at uni, but never lernt languages coz of utility (it just comes as a nice side effect ) but coz of love for them
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    Great pictures Petrinha!

    Soci. 160678

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    Did Petrinha retire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barcadub View Post
    Did Petrinha retire?
    She sadly passed away, 3 years ago.