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Thread: Fernando Arriero Garcia (Cuqui)

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    Fernando Arriero Garcia (Cuqui)

    Hi everybody! I'm new member here and I'll make a terrible mistake at once - I created new topic Sorry for this, but I've a question or doubt (delete as appropriate) which keeps nagging me.

    Dear FCBForum users (especially these maniac and passionate), could you tell me something more about the player I mentioned about in the title of topic? Is he a good player? What are his advantages and disadvantages?

    My favourite club, Widzew Łódź, bought Cuqui during last winter transfer period and Widzew's fans don't know much about him. Actually, we only know that... he's not god at gym's tasks, however, he's good swimmer He has light injury, so he could only practise on swimming pool and gym. It's the reason why Widzew's coach couldn't test him to check his skills on football pitch. The other source of knowledge about his abilities is video from YouTube, but I suppose it's not sufficient proof of his skills.

    I'm writting here, because we know that Arriero graduated from La Masia and played in Juvenila B. Later, he was transfered to CF Rayo Majadahonda. He's huge hope for fans. Of course, because he's from Barca ;P

    I'll add his photo and video, perhaps you'll recognize him. If it isn't proper place for this topic, please take it to another section.

    Best regards,
    Arek from Łódź (pronounciation is the same like word "would"), Poland
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    No need to worry about. You opened the thread on the right place and it is not a mistake. However, I am sorry I can`t help you. I watch Barca Atletic for the last 2-3 years whenever I can but there are no available streams for Juvenil games...I really don `t remember him being a great potential and only resource I have is also youtube..

    Maybe there is someone else who watched him play and knows a little bit more but I seriously doubt that...
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    Really nobody heard about Arriero? On the other way it's nothing strange, he's one of the thousands players from La Masia and if he isn't gifted, only few could hear about him.

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    Never heard of him before, sorry.

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