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Thread: Pep Guardiola

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    Quote Originally Posted by serghei View Post
    Pep is one of the fakes persons I've ever seen in the interviews. Only honest interview he gave probably was the 'el puto amo' one vs Mourinho.

    Man has taken politically correctness to another level. He probably doesn't believe at least half of the things he says in these interviews, but says them anyway because it's the nice thing to do lol.

    Such a boring and artificial media image, you can see the act a mile away.
    Agreed. I love Pep but like you said, almost everything he says in interviews is so fake. Especially when he said how perfect Valverde is for Barca just a few weeks ago, and that he shouldnt be judged for the UCL because of how well Barca played the league (we didnt, most of the games were boring and there were barely any convincing games, even if we won La Liga) when he probably doesnt even watch any Barca games.
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    "It is what it is"- Ernesto Valverde after suffering a humiliation in the UCL.

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