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Thread: Christian Eriksen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trickykid View Post
    Probably the usual agent/press bullshit, but after his agent's comment about being flattered when Real, Barça and Man Utd show interest, I wonder if he's gearing up to whoring Eriksen off when summer comes around.
    After Coutinho, we're pretty much out of the question, and Real are still stacked in midfield, even though I could see him being a sound replacement for Modric when he really starts to decline. Concerning they're bound to come knocking for Kane, they might as well enquire about Eriksen in the process.

    Man Utd then? Pogba, Matic and Eriksen doesn't seem like a horrible idea at all - even though Eriksen is used to having two defensive minded midfielders behind him. I'm not so sure Mou would be fond of an attacking midfield like that, and while we're at it, I really, really fucking hope I'll never see Eriksen being managed by that disgusting prick.

    It's World Cup year, and Levy will be doing the negotiating, so any deal will be tough as nails. I think he'll stay put, but it will be interesting to see what happens once the transfer window rolls around.
    Man Utd:s midfield is already a mess defensively speaking. They don't need Eriksen, they need someone next to Matic that can defend a back four.

    Real Madrid should be interested, unless they want to change system which they very well might do (and of course Man Utd might change system as well in which case Eriksen might fit in).
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