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Thread: Xavi HernŠndez

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    I think it's good that performances count more than the overall value of the player, since this is an annual award, but the problem is even performance-wise Ronaldo wasn't the best this year. He is the best marketed player, that's why he wins so many awards. It's about glam. The Ronaldo brand sells better in this day and age and his personality is more marketable as well. He is more of a star on all levels than Messi who is more of genius at football, but less spectacular as a person, in the way society sees "amazingness" nowadays.

    People don't only vote Ronaldo the football player.
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    Xavi in the line-up for Catalonia as they play agianst Tunisa.

    It's 1-0 for the latter after 30 minutes.

    You can watch that game on TV3.

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    Shame I missed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
    Did he even get his coaching certificate? Better to try coaching in Qatar only and then come to Barca B.
    What does that even mean. Even I have an internationally recognized coaching certificate. . . . Imagine me coaching Barca.
    Pass + Passing + Passing
    (16+1+19+19) + (16+1+19+19+ 9+14+7) + (16+1+19+19+9+14+7) = 225
    Xavi + Iniesta + Laudrup
    (24+1+22+9) + (9+14+9+5+19+20+1) + (12+1+21+4+18+21+16) = 226

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    Bring him back as a coach,he can't be worse than Lucho
    The official Barcaforum 2016/17 MotM thread

    "At Barcelona, youíll hear about this kid on the youth team. He wears number 10 like you. Heís small like you. He plays with the ball like you.[...]His name is Leo Messi.[...]I want you to give him one piece of advice.

    Tell him, ďPlay with happiness. Play free. Just play with the ball.Ē

    Even when you are gone, the free style will live on in Barcelona through Messi."

    Ronaldinho Gaucho,to his 8 year old self

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    Amazing move at 1:17 !

    Still miles ahead of the guys we brought to replace him.

    We miss you Maestro !

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