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Thread: Real Madrid Theme Park

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    stay on topic assholes
    there is even a weligton topic ...

    yeah join the hate fest

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    There is going to have to be massive massive security at the theme park, I can imagine sabotage attempts by ultras and even political extremists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamzah View Post
    do you support the basque independence CA?
    I support Catalan, Euskedi and galician independence

    Quote Originally Posted by Cule Angles View Post
    I don't support any independence cause, I believe that any self-proclaimed nation has the right to decide its own future through democratic means but it's for the people of that nation, and only the people of that nation to decide. Ideally I'd like to see the Spanish constitution binned and rewritten to repeal the autonomy laws and instead define Spain as a plurinational state with the three historic nations within Spain (Catalunya, Euskadi, Galicia) recognised as they were in the pre-civil war constitution and the rest as one cohesive unit.

    The "coffee for all" policy as it was called, which gave autonomy to places that neither wanted nor warranted it, and created entirely new regional entities such as La Rioja, Cantabria, Murcia and the community of Madrid was an absolute disaster. It was a piece of fence sitting on a monumental scale which aimed to keep the fascists unangered and the historic nations of Catalunya, Euskadi and Galicia satsified. It did neither, the three nations were unhappy to be put on the same level as places like Extremadura and Ceuta/Melilla and the fascists still saw it as the fragmentation of Spain, and they've all been muddling through ever since.

    Pretty reasonable arguement. I believe that there should be a referendum, which only Catalunya votes on. In this referendum the person voting must pass some sort of citizen of Catalunya test(ie speaking Catalan, born in Catalunya) immigrants from other places in Spain should not be able to vote.

    Each autonomous community should be able to control how it residents taxes are used as well. Catalunya is obviously one of the richer communities and has to subsidize poorer areas of Spain