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Thread: Barca pre-season 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porque View Post
    Alena is legit our worst midfielder right now. At this rate I would want to sell him with a buy back clause and just keep Rafinha for a season.
    Alena is AM, and not even the play making type.
    He is physically strong and can defend, Koeman is trying him deeper because of it, he might get something of him but it will be painful early on as he is transforming as a player.
    Sort like Roberto in RB, his first season there was his worst, or Mascherano as CB too.

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    That has got to be one of the worst football kits I have ever seen. The game was just more of the same and its going to be another terrible season.

    Messi is going to be a major problem around the team , its blatantly obvious he doesnt want to be there.