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Thread: Neymar or Lautaro Martinez?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilarrubi View Post
    Half of your posts don’t make “seance” at all.

    This thread is in line with what the papers are reporting whether it turns out to be true or not. So if you think this thread is BS stop copying and pasting stuff by MD and Sport and posting it on the forum all the time hypocrite.
    I don't see anything hypocrite in posting the latest news from MD and Sport. There are members who don't have that much time to surf the Net and I do that for them.
    I already explained the situation in FC Barcelona and I am sure, you know it as well. We can post here anything. We can express our thoughts and wishes, but no matter what we say, the reality is that we are in deep shit at the moment. I mean, it can't be any worst. The corrupted and incompetent board, president, and technical unit. The coaching staff and our veteran team with players that no one wants to buy or take on loan, unless we agree on Arthur for Pjanic deal.

    Don't get me wrong. I am not against you making new threads, but this one sounds like ... OK guys. You have to choose one of them." And that is what irritated me. I am not hiding my dislike to both of them. I have been very vocal against them since last summer and there is good reason for that. Besides the enormous price tag. Besides Neymar's age and injuries none of them is a good option for Barcelona's future. We don't need players with heavy mental issues. I have alarmed it many times that Lautaro has already collected 7 yellow and 2 red cards this season.

    One of my best friends here is a engineer emigrated from Argentina and he is die hard football fan. If someone like him has told me several times that Lautaro is not a player for Barcelona, that means he really is not. The mental issues with players are like a time bomb. You never know when they can explode. The best option for us is to wait till next summer and then start looking for Suarez's replacement. Right now we have enough players upfront. The priority is to straighten our defense and possibly the midfield.

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    i would spend 150m on kdb insted of either of them

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    martinez. dont need neymar
    Quote Originally Posted by ThwiX View Post
    Liverpool got a man inside it looks like. Never want to see this piece of shit wear our shirt again.
    Quote Originally Posted by BBZ8800 View Post
    He will be our 2nd best player by miles, behind Messi.

    Why doubting Coutinho?
    Quote Originally Posted by BBZ8800 View Post
    Neymar was a strange fit.
    Cou will play as if he was born and developed here.