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Typical strawman argument from you.

Not hard to understand two very basic points.
Removing Messi's salary will allow us to bring in let say 3 players - means we can potentially fix a lot of issues in the squad.
Having a decent squad potentially means having better players and a more clinical forward then what is available to us now.
This means that we can potentially concede less goals and score enough to be in a better overall situation.

Removing Messi's goals doesn't automatically mean that no other striker will cover at least some of those goals.

This is why i have an issue with those types of statements.

Also a decent striker is most definitely not Gabriel Jesus who sometimes cant even get ahead of wingers...
ok, but u don't consider that Messi means money going out and money going into Barcelona
(many say that the balance is positive).
So if you take away Messi you save his salary but you deprive yourself of the income he ensures you.
And I don't think the financial situation of the team can improve so much to buy and pay salaries to 3 top players.