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How would they cut next season's schedule? One solution is only having 18 teams in La Liga instead of 20 so this would mean 4 rounds less. But this would be too drastical change for just one season and I also doubt clubs (especially those most affected by this change who would get relegated) would agree. Less total games would also mean less money which neither the league nor the clubs want. Another option is cancelling CDR next season and playing midweek La Liga fixtures when clubs would usually play Copa games. This would probably be the best solution.

Or do like some leagues with less teams are doing. Play first half of the season (19 games) and then "cut" the league in two halfs. First 10 teams play for the title/European competitions and bottom 10 against the relegation. If every team would play against each opponent in this second half just once the season would have only 28 rounds. But making a fair schedule here would be almost impossible.

E: Ah, I see your other post now where you suggested something similar.
You could also play with 2 or 4 divisions and then a small knock out competition for the best teams from those divisions.