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    Hello everyone

    Top 3 Trash Compactors Make Your Home Garbage-Free

    I’ve never heard that taking out the trash is someone’s favorite chore. Fortunately, a trash compactor will help you to ease the pain of the chore. It will help you cut your waste down to smaller sizes. Therefore, you can save time spent pressing your trash into the bin and making more space, hopefully saving you more money in trash removal.

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    Based on the top reviewed trash compactors available on the market, i.e. Home Depot, Best Buy or Amazon reviews, we are trying to find the best products to help you choose your own.

    #1- Whirlpool TU950QPXS 15-Inch Built-In Trash Compactor

    This trash compactor has been receiving great product reviews as the best for families. The trash compactor is designed with fully integrated controls for simple operation. Its dimensions are 15W x 24D x 34.125H inches. The stainless steel frame helps you access the compression bin with a pull handle or by a hands-free toe-touch button and the anti-jam design guarantees no harm if the unit is opened during use. You will find the compression yield about 75% less volume.

    No more overwhelmed feelings by having trash in your home! Put your trash into this compactor’s large interior and be amazed as it reduces to almost nothing. It even alerts you when the bin is full. Parents can prevent curious children from using it when they should not with a lock and key.

    The price is currently around $1,000 for this unit.

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    #2- KitchenAid 1.4 Cu. Ft. Built-in Trash Compactor

    Most of the reviews gave this product a 5-star ranking for its stylish design, ease of use, setting up, and compacting. It offers a stable pack control with 5-to-1 compaction ratio to help you easily and quickly compact trash, a 1/3 HP motor for more efficient operation, as well as automatic anti-jam function to make sure trash will not get stuck in the compactor. Moreover, this item is also equipped with Whisper Quiet Plus to reduce the noise associated with disposing trash, and an odor management system to provide a fresh and clean scent in your kitchen. Now you are able to leave your trash in the compactor as long as you need while keeping your kitchen both looking tidy and smelling good. There is also a “panel-ready” model so you can attach your own custom panel that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinets.

    The price is around $1,300 - 30% higher than the first recommendation.

    #3- Whirlpool 15-inch Convertible Trash Compactor

    With its portable design, this convertible compactor can even go in the garage or pantry. You can seamlessly switch between a freestanding or built-in installation. Plus, its convenient toe-touch drawer at the bottom provides hands-free operation. A light tap of the toe helps to release the drawer with ease. You also get touchpad controls on the clean touch console. What’s more, it is on wheels, so you can freely move the compactor around your work area.

    The compactor offers a large 1.4 cubic-foot capacity and an automatic anti-jam function that reverses the compression ram for smooth removal of compacted trash. It is also equipped with a hidden removable key control knob to keep the drawer locked during use and can be removed and stored out of children's reach for added safety. It is also equipped with Quiet Pack Sound Conditioning to reduce noise so it can be run without disrupting your home.

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    The price is quoted around $950, 5% less compared to the first unit.

    Typically, a trash compactor does not stand on its own but is mounted under the countertops. Before buying a trash compactor, make sure that you know where you plan to store it as well as consider the bin size, compaction ratio, and compression force.
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