Just fucking bench Rakitic already and put Coutinho in that AM position. We would look so great and have so much more pace with Coutinho and Dembele both on the pitch. It's disgusting to see one of them benched every time, and i fear that we might lose one of them if this keeps going on...just let go of Cowardverde in the summer, pretty please.

It's come as far as i'm really hoping we don't win the CL this season, just so that the chances of Valverde being gone are bigger. It's about preservation at this point and sacrificing one more season to avoid 2-3 more years such as this one, so that Messi at least wins another CL and Golden Ball as long as he's here.

I've given up on us playing beautifully until this Board is gone anyway, but just get rid of Valverde at least, so that we improve team management and hopefully get someone, who will know how to rotate properly and will not hold any personal preferences (Rakitic) or grudges (Malcom), so that we don't lose any more great players like Coutinho, Dembele, Malcom, even Arthur in the next few years, which is exactly what will happen if Valverde stays beyond this summer.