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Thread: Luka Jović

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfe View Post
    That how you react to Haaland goals dude?

    BTW don’t need to rant, man has a good movement in space and good finish. Showed it for the goals too.

    haaland isn't a pleb player who would score only 2 goals in +30 games at RM

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfe View Post
    Interesting how the 'not very competitive' league somehow doesn't appear as an argument in regard to other players

    no one is jizzing at the tought of Haaland because he scores goals in that league , it's because he does so at a young age and most importantly he already has 16 goals in the CL and is dominant there aswell while Jovic barelly has like 7 games in the CL with no goal of course
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    CL record doesn't make it any less erroneous to use 'non competitive league' as an argument to critique the player if you do it to one but not the others. If you ever do it, do it consistently - Haaland is padding vs farmer league and everyone benefits from the bad defenses you implied are helping the strikers reach their tallies. Looking forward to seeing you use it a lot more in response to Haaland, Lewa and anyone else.
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