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Thread: Champions League 2018/19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yannik View Post
    Coefficient pts 2018/2019

    1. Spain - 9.571pts
    2. Germany - 8.642pts
    3. Italy - 7.642pts
    4. England - 7.500pts
    5. Serbia - 6.000pts
    6. Scotland - 6000pts
    7. Portugal - 5.500pts
    8. Russia - 5.416pts
    9. France - 5.250pts
    10. Belgium - 5.200pts
    Red Star alone is bigger than all of France combined

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    Yeah, dreadful year for France this season. To be fair though, Monaco, Bordeaux and Rennes (half of the french team playing european competitions this season) are just plain bad this year (they're respectively ranked 19th, 11th and 12th in Ligue 1). Even Lyon and Marseille are struggling in Ligue 1, so it's not a surprise they're not crushing it in Europe. PSG is a whole different story. As I mentioned somewhere else, there's absolutely no way they're going far in Europe this season with the squad they've got. Their immense offensive talent is enough to crush weaker opponents (see the 6-1 against Belgrade, or almost any of their games in Ligue 1) but their midfield is weak, Bernat is a mess, and overall their bench is not enough to keep up against tougher opponents. I have no idea what they were thinking when they bought Bernat and signed Choupo-Moting, instead of buying a strong midfielder and literally ANY LB in the world who's not Bernat.

    France was above Italy two years ago, and above Germany last season (everybody seem to forget that, for some reason), but even if PSG and Lyon manage to make it to the next round (and it's far from guaranteed) it's gonna be a very bad year.