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Thread: New Fan an new to the city

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    New Fan an new to the city

    Hi everyone,

    Im new to the city well a little of a year, my long partner is Catalan, and we moved here to build our life. Im originally Irish but have lived abroad mostly.
    Well this is the season were i decide to start my journey as a fan. I plan to go to every home game. At least one away game. So there we are.
    I even bought a ps4 pro with fifa 18 to get used to the spanish league and players. Plus im a bit of a gamer fan so i just needed an excuse to get one. lol.
    I cant wait to get the VR headset.

    Thanks for reading. And ill post any new experiences i have. I guess ill go on the tour of the stadium in the next weeks.

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    Where the water is warm, the drinks are cold... and I don't know the names of the players.

    Looking forward reading your experiences