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Thread: Barca-related Open Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBZ8800 View Post
    Imo, fans are spoiled today.
    They wine how EV's team plays boring, fan's favorite Malcom is not playing enough and another favorite, Arthur, gets subbed in the 60th minute.

    First world problems...

    Imagine being a fan in 90s and pre-Pep:
    1995: La Liga: Real
    1996: Atletico
    1997: Real
    1998: Barca, Van Gaal
    1999: Barca, Van Gaal
    2000: Deportivo
    2001: Real
    2002: Valencia
    2003: Real
    2004: Valencia

    Then, imagine 2004/05 Season:
    1. Barca hasn't won La Liga for 5 years
    2. Barca hasn't won a CL for 13 years
    3. In the last 5 years since Barca won the last title:
    Real won 3 CLs and 2 La Ligas
    Valencia won 2 La Ligas and played 2 CL finals
    Deportivo won 1 La Liga

    Barca finished 2nd, 4th, 4th, 6th and 2nd in those 5 years and without any Champions league success.
    Do you think that anyone back then cared about not too much off the ball movement, Malcom riding the bench and Arthur being subbed in the 60th minute?

    To some extent, to me it is a no wonder that majority of guys who followed Barca back then are not mad at Valverde currently.
    Joan, Messi983, Khaled, TrickyKid, me and other EV's defenders are all older fans.
    There are some older fans who hate EV, but imo, my estimation, 90% of younger fans who started follow Barca since Messi or since Pep=are somewhat spoiled and angry.
    While among older guys who were fans during misery days of 90s and early 00s, EV's era is a huge success, inspite of a defensive football, Malcom and Arthur ��
    This is not entirely true, as long as the club has existed there has always been a debate about how Barcelona should play, managers in the past have been sacked for playing unattractive football. The prime example would be Helenio Herrera who until Pep Guardiola appeard had the best stats of any manager in the history of the club, he was heavily criticised for playing booring even though Barsa won 2 leagues, ahead of the best Real Madrid that has ever existed. Another example would be Bobby Robson who was heavily criticised for playing booring football, in fact he himself said it was at times insane refering to an episode when they won 6-1 away and the headline in the newspaper the next day was FC Barcelona won 6-1 without playing football.
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