Barca coach spoke after narrow 2-1 win against Abelardo's Alaves.

"We will remember this game because it was very difficult after they scored on the counter. Despite playing well and getting to the box well, they took advantage of us on the counter. In the end they were time wasting and tighter and tighter at the back. We had to work hard to come back."

On Iniesta

"The truth is that we have good players who play in the interior role, but Iniesta is a master at that.

"I thought he could help us from there. it was important not to get too many of us in the Alaves box. It would have provoked counter attacks. For that we needed players who move well in space like Leo and him. It was an extraordinary move (for the equaliser) and the goal let us breathe."

Umtiti handball

"Apart from cutting off his hand, we couldn't do anything. I think it's involntary, but each one can see it from their point of view. Sometimes the ball goes in and they don't give it, other times this can happen."

"They complained a lot about it. Umtiti told me it was not deliberate. There's always controversy, sometimes they hurt you and sometimes they help you."

On Coutinho

"They are not machines who can just go into a new factory and start to work immeditaely, but I saw him doing well, involved in the play, wanting the ball. It's another step."

"The other day he played 20 minutes and now a bit more. We will see him go in bit by bit."