(This post is more suitable for the travel section, so reposting here)

I am planning to buy flight tickets to be in Barcelona for the 2nd leg of the semi final of the Copa Del Rey. I need to back mid week the same week. Can you please help me with information whether the second leg of Barcelona will be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday ? What decides that ? Does it depend on whether plays the liga weekend game on Sat or Sunday ? If Barca plays on Saturday then do we play Tues or Wed ?

More details: I will be in Barcelona (one way flight booked) for the 1st leg of the semi. I will either fly back Sunday after first leg. Or I will wait for the 2nd leg. If Barca does not qualify I am fine with watching a good game say RealM v/a Ath Madrid. Or if Barca qualifies I will be flying to the away city too. But I am trying to get back soon, preferably exactly a day after the barca game. So I need to know or guess when the second leg of the Barca semi final will be.

Any guidance will be appreciated. I have already spent 16 hours researching this Need your help.