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when was the last time we hammered a top team though? hopefully we put 2-3 past them at the Bridge with no reply. weirdly im confident in our defence but its the attack i worry about
Our attack has major issues. Notably the deployment of Dembele as a RM instead of a RW like against Juventus, plus his injuries that come along the way. The constant need to accomodate Paulinho, which provided hardly any thing attacking wise, he can provide movement but not good enough.

Since Dembele has not played much, I would expect a 442, Iniesta, Busquets, Rakitic, Paulinho and I'd prefer Valverde to switch to 433 after halftime, possibly for Vidal or Dembele as a wide player to put in crosses and transition quickly. Something like how we did against Madrid.

But if we play a 442 throughout against a conservative Chelsea, it would end up the same against Atletico. Would be a draw most likely.