Ernesto Valverde's comments after 2-1 win against Sevilla at Camp Nou:

"This victory is very important before this (international) break,"
said the coach, who defended Barca performance, especially in the first half: "Generally the results are a result of the game , and we're not going to apologize for winning."

"It's what we like. We like to dominate and generate chances,"
he said, although he stressed that "the opponent also plays, and comes with the intention to dominate."

"We knew that they would come with the intention of not hiding and fielding a high defense. We dominated a lot in the first half and in the first part we had chances to have a bigger scoreline. It has not been like that and that has made them get back in the game and we had to be careful. We did not get many chances in the second half, but we had to suffer more. We have taken another step forward. You have to know how to play those matches in which you do not succeed to close the game and you have to defend the result."

"It's like against Olympiacos, we had chances, the team dominated and could not win, although I liked the game. This time we could have won with bigger but Sevilla are a great team and you have to know how to play them."

"Paco had a good game, but also looked tired, because his position had demands and with that effort, it seemed like the moment. I thought that Luis Suárez was going to have occasions, as it has been."
He does not believe that the team got Paco back, because "I do not think we lost him. He has done very well and we are happy with him. "