I watched them all, van Gaal, Rijkaard, Pep... And, yes, all of them had to adjust and tinker with tactics but in all those years such toothless performances which have become pretty standard lately were few and far between.

Iniesta as the season thus far has evidenced is still capable of doing it and Messi, well, he is just Messi. Which leaves according to you just 1 player... Xavi wasnít a creative midfielder either... He was the general. He never ran at players, hardly dribbled but his role was to get plays moving during transition. Paulinho, despite what some think of him, is quite capable of playing said role. Watch him against Olympiacos... He is starting to gel.

Also, this myth that Roberto is no good as a midfielder is just tripe (rumours that Pep wants his services at Man City) and right now he can be used as relief for Iniesta without taking the edge in midfield away. Under Pep, Villanova, Martino and Lucho he found it hard to break through because Iniesta and Xavi were weaving magic all over the place. Under Lucho, Rakitic was brought in to play a more direct brand with Neymar which resulted in a lopsided midfield with which Rakitic often found himself playing out of position covering for Messi on the right flank.

I am glad Valverde has seen that itís pointless playing Messi as a RW but itís come at the cost of trying to fit SuŠrez into a system that he is not compatible with (thereís already noises that he is not happy with his place in the 4-3-3 system) and as such a 4-4-2 system is being played which takes the edge off the positional, passing game as well as Messiís. Tell me, what is Valverde going to do when Dembťlť is fit? Is he going to be used as a RM because if not weíre right back to Luchoís one wing system.

I am lucky enough to live in a complex where a local first division team rents apartments for the players and Iíve had numerous discussions with them and it always end up where weíre at right now. Somethingís got to give... Itís either Messi plays RW and you take away his scoring threat to large extent or you bench SuŠrez. The 2 of them are never going to work in BarÁaís traditional system. You could try 4-2-3-1 but you leave yourself a midfielder short and itís a system that was frowned upon by Cruyff.

Iím old and ugly already, so I donít expect people to share my views and not here to try and convince others. Iím just pointing out the obvious.