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Thread: Valverde: "Derby is our priority"

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    Valverde: "Derby is our priority"

    Barca coach, Erneste Valverde faced the press ahead of the derby against Espanyol this Saturday. He answered various questions including the derby and his squad.

    "Playing a derby at Camp Nou in front of our fans is great motivation for us. It is a handicap that we didn't have all the players today to train. It will be complicated. They are strong and we must be attentive"

    "The best thing about the transfer market is that it's over now, we have to focus on the team we have.The team we have is the best in the world because it's ours, we do not have to do less to what we have"

    "Iniesta is the heritage of the club, it is well, happy, with the intention of giving a lot of things to this club, I have no doubt that they will reach a agreement"

    "A Dembélé has done well to train these days, every day he is more relaxed, more integrated, is seen prepared, will have to see to what extent we use him"

    "What do I miss? I find out about everything here ... Well, we've won two games, it's not all bad ..."

    "I have not talked to Arda, he came with a muscle problem, I'm counting on him as with any other in the squad, it will depend on his work, I would like him to achieve three goals in each match"

    "I have no explanation for the problems after the FIFA break, today Luis Suárez and Paulinho arrived and we'll see how they are"

    "If I predict that Dembélé will start or not I will not say, I do not know the lineup of Espanyol"

    "Every day I've seen Dembélé a lot better. He's a 20-year-old boy, very young, not that he was confused, but every day he has been more intoned with his colleagues"

    "I have not been able to talk to Luis Suárez, I was about to put him on the list before Alavés and he has played two intense matches, we will have to evaluate him because we played the Champions League on Tuesday"

    "I expect an aggressive Espanyol, with high pressure, we'll see"

    "Sometimes there is a lot of noise as to what Barça is"

    "I know that the names of the signings generate enthusiasm, but that's not important. You have to play well and win to generate that illusion"

    "It is important for the team to retake the League, to win this derby"

    "The work of the referees is already quite complicated and we have to help them to do better, they make mistake as we all do"

    "Juve is a question for the day after tomorrow"

    "Messi and Mascherano are ours and we want Argentina to do well, they will play for everything in the two remaining matches, I do not know how they will affect them, the best way to get to those matches is to be strong with us now "

    "Messi is already the best player in the world, for us and for almost everyone ... To give him a Golden Ball more or less does not matter"

    "The first game before the Betis was a bit strange at first, but little by little they were with us, we are all Barça and we won among all.The idea is to enjoy and encourage us to help us a lot"

    "You always look at what the rival has done in the previous matches, Betis and Leganés, but it is a derby, it is special and you see what Espanyol did in the derbies of the previous years. previous against us "

    "Politics? I'm here because I'm a coach of Barca, to focus on the sport part. I'm not here to express personal opinions"

    "Benedito? We know about these things, of course, but in this club we know our role and it is to score goals and that we score a few. The club is of the partners, they have some statutes that must be respected, the partners decide"

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    The issue with Valverde is that I like the man, the person, very much, but I'm not yet sold on his methods and his tactics, the way he sees Barca playing in the future. His pressers are always good, and he says all the right things.

    Would be absolutely amazing to win La Liga. Would be one of the biggest statements since I'm follwing Barca. For that to happen, each game must be seen as another day at work, just as important as the previous one, or the next one, or the one a month from now. If Valverde will implement this mentality - that a game is a game, and 3pts are 3pts, no matter the opponent, so the effort and the desire to win need to stay the same week in week out - we can win the league.
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