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Thread: Eden Hazard

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    Maybe he should change his diet and training regime, might make him more injury resistant.

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    Every time he's been hurt it's through an impact injury - I'm no nutritionist but doesn't feel like diet would change that an awful lot without affecting his game. He's not going to be a Ronaldo at this point in his life to ignore every bruise he sustains. Plus I'm sure he played through a fair share of these anyway.

    There's no confirmation what this is, he had ultrasound today but swelling supposedly makes diagnosis difficult and they're doing an MRI so he's out for Shakhtar. If it's muscular thigh issue as feared, it might even be better than a re-occucrrence of the ankle problem. At least that can be chalked up to manic Corona season schedule rather than reappearance of the problem.
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    terrible luck. i still not think hes a worse signing than coutinho tho. i dont think anything tops that

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