I'm RJ from Toronto, relatively new to football. My interest in Barcelona was due to Nike. I would visit the Nike store in downtown Toronto and would be amazed at the Barcelona jerseys and how they seemingly changed all the time. I didn't know that jerseys changed year to year. So my interest started with jerseys. I also have a coworker who collected football shirts and who followed football religiously. We used to talk about his collection and I said I would like to collect shirts from European cities I have visited.

Finally in December 2014, after getting some birthday money, I decided to buy my first football shirt. I researched the jerseys available at that time and decided to buy the 2014-15 home shirt because I loved that the V-neck included the little senyera flag. Up to this point, I'd only casually watched football. I remember watching the great Spain teams that won the WC and 2 consecutive Euros. I also remember watching Barcelona beat Man United in the Champions League final.

In January 2015, I was watching tv, channel surfing, when I found that I had a free preview to BeIn Sports and they had a Barcelona match showing. I have been hooked ever since. I would try to watch all La Liga matches and watch the nighttime replays of Champions League (I am at work when the games are shown live). I am still picking up the nuances of the game but how I love making my morning coffee and watching football! I even love when Barca play an away game at an early hour (6 or 7 am) and I can watch part of the game before my wife and daughter wake up.

I am hoping for a better 2017-18. It broke my heart when Real won back to back CL as I was hoping that would be Barcelona that would achieve that feat. My family and I have even booked an 8-night vacation in Barcelona late October and we will be doing the Camp Nou tour and if there is a home game, I will attempt to get tickets.

Thank you!