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    Anyway, conflicting opinions in regards to what Valverde does well or doesn't do well is fine and normal. Especially under a manager like Valverde, who's sort of a mixed bag, I think most would agree on that. Sometimes you like him, a few weeks later he pulls some shit and he falls out of grace right away.

    All of that is fine. But considering that this is the final part of the season, and we're looking at a potential treble here if we dig deep, we need to toss that aside, and get behind the team. A treble this year would probably be more huge than it has ever been. We have leaders in the team saying they understand the tactics and they are ready to make it happen this season. Let's wait and see. Maybe we mean bussiness this season.

    With Rijkaard in 2006 in CL, we kind of played like we do today with Valverde. I remember a tie with Milan in 2006 which was very much in the vein of what we're seeing here. Cagey games both home and away, in which we suffered and went through with some luck and off some moments of inspiration.
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