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Thread: CL | Quarter Final - 2nd leg: FC Barcelona - Juventus 0-0 (0-3 agg.)

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    PSG won't challenge top 3 with players like adm, on-off pastore (in the best form of his career currently), moura. They are set to lose Matuidi this summer as well. TS isn't o monstro anymore.

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    Just happy it is over, really. Can finally return to social media now that I won't have to read the cringeworthy updates from our club and players with all their "believe in remontada 2.0" talk and shit. The historic comeback against PSG was supposed to be the much needed refuel of motivation and energy that would go on to win us the tournament, FFS. You can't just go to Italy and lose 3-0 after that and start begging for another comeback. Pique with his big mouth said after the PSG game that the comeback won't be worth shit if we don't win the whole thing. Damn right, he was. It already feels like it never happened.
    What a catastrophic season, and now we got to trust Robert to make the next one better. Jesus..

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    I think the main problem for the team this year has been lack of quality depth. You just can't keep asking the same 12 or so players to carry the team in three competitions. Most of them are also hugely important for their national teams. They would have played better if they were fresher.

    When you look at who the other final 8 CL teams could bring in off the bench, and compare to Barca's choices, Barca may have the worst bench.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vialli_92 View Post
    You guys have been spoilt over the last 10 years. I have never seen a team play better football than Barcelona

    I will say who ever is in charge of signing players has screwed up big time with your club

    The midfield and defence is absolute trash and no where near good enough to contend for the CL

    You guys were a bit unlucky that none of your chances managed to go in over both of the matches but without luck there is no way any team wins the CL

    Football goes in cycles, it looks like Barca have to start a new cycle as Guardiola's shadow still has not left the Camp Nou
    I don't know why people accredit everything to Guardiola. He inherited the best CM pairing of all time, along with the best player in history coming into his prime. When the same players started to decline (Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol) he too suffered. He then went to Bayern and after reinforcing the best Bayern side I can remember made them actually play worse. Now he is at Man City with unlimited budget and is struggling to hold onto a spot in the top 4.

    I see 3 problems with Barca at the moment:

    1. The board is totally clueless. This is the biggest thing holding the team back at the moment because it influences everything else.
    2. The squad lacks depth, even when we won the treble we didn't have options on the bench anywhere close to as good as other top teams in Europe, even if our starting 11 was better.
    3. The current first 11 is not up to scratch. Iniesta has rapidly declined in the last 2 seasons, and now his good performances are becoming less frequent. Rakitic works hard, but he isn't a world class midfielder, other top teams have midfielders who can not only work hard, but are also technically superior. People endlessly criticise MSN when they don't perform or score, particularly Suarez. But the three of them need the team behind them to do their job and supply them.

    I have no idea what players we can buy, but we need to spend our money and get two really quality central midfielders, along with a quality right back at the very least. Preferably a better left back too. Barca are at their most dangerous when the midfield trio control the game, the full backs provide width going forwards, and the three forwards can focus on getting into good positions. Messi in particular cannot influence games nearly as much when he has to drop into midfield to try to generate chances for the front 3 from scratch. Unfortunately most of the players we've bought in recent times have been average at best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klc123 View Post
    I don't know why people accredit everything to Guardiola.
    This Xavi and Iniesta thing goes back way deep right about the end of the second time of Louis Van Gaal. It was Rijkaard who really groomed Xavi and Iniesta, then Luis Aragones used it for his own benefit at UEFA Euro 2008. BUT... those who really solved the puzzle and put all the pieces in the right place were Pep Guardiola and Tito Villanova. Credits go to all coaches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch vi Britannia View Post
    Honestly, they looked a lot better than Juve in Paris.
    It may come as a shock, but knock out games is 2 games in CL.

    Oh and poor Juve for not looking so good against Barca, they will for sure regret about this heading into the semi finals, while PSG can be satisfied right now with how they looked against Barca in Paris

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch vi Britannia View Post
    Juve will choke against RM too
    Because thats exactly what has happend the last 4 times they meet eachother in knock out stages, This is not going so well for you is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lelouch vi Britannia View Post
    but that's another story.
    Exactly, it's just another story you made up in your head