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Thread: Theo HernŠndez

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXKonan View Post

    Same news from yesterday, but Alba on loan?
    Holy shit, this rumor from last April
    Theo turned out to be God damn horrendous - though of course he's still got time to grow - and Alba is being the best LB in the world atm. What a swap that would've been...

    This thread is an absolute goldmine of premature doom and gloom btw. Reality doesn't feel quite as bad as it was foretold.

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    Him and Hakimi are 20. And they've been thrown out there by their manager who expected them to keep a cool head in front of a rabid and unforgiving Bernabeu crowd expecting nothing less than a win. Of course they've been trash.

    There should be zero blame on what they can and can't do. If anything this season is a learning experience for both in so many ways. Hakimi held his own quite a bit when Carvajal was out. Theo didn't because he effectively shat himself each time the team struggled and he knew he had to play well, so that at least he contributes to a draw every time it happened. He knew exactly what and when he fucked up last night, just look how much effort he put into running up and down the pitch after he lost his man on the corner for the Leganes goal.

    This season is completely irrepresentative of what both of them can actually do. Swapping Alba for Theo is of course idiotic, but being a backup? He'd more than live up to expectations at Camp Nou.
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