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Thread: Lliga | Round 29: Granada - FC Barcelona 1-4

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    Where the water is warm, the drinks are cold... and I don't know the names of the players.
    1-4 is a surprise for me since I expected much closer game after international break and Barca without Messi.

    Granada did make it easier for us by playing open football but I am not taking anything away from this win and our players.

    Well done boys, now bring us Sevilla!

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    Good to see Paco get on the scoreboard it's something he needs to do more often and hopefully improve. Saurez also played really good and started some good attacks hope to see more.

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    Suarez was outstanding, in particular considering his long trip back from South America. Well done!

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    Also good to see Carles Aleña making his debut, although only for 5-6 minutes in the end. I have some hopes on this fella, some of the stuff he does at Barcelona B games reminds me of Xavi's magic.

    The opposition knows quite well that Jeremy Mathieu is the weakest link in defense and Granada tonight exploited that area, scoring a lightning quick counter goal.

    In the end it was a must-win game, because Real Madrid have very tough games ahead in April - away at Leganes, home to Atletico Madrid, the Bayern Munich CL matches and, of course, 23rd of April - the El Clasico.
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    Sometimes I feel team runs more, works harder without Messi, it's like when he's one everyone slows down and wait for Messi magic.

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    Good win and we also rested some key players so I'm happy. I was a bit affraid after Granada scored that we'll pay for all missed chances but team responded well and did what they had to do. Nice games for Rakitić and probably the best one for Paco in Barça. Hopefully Lucho will continue to give him chances, I think he could be very useful.