View Poll Results: Do you actually think Zinedine Zidane is a great coach?

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  • No, Zizou is just having an incredible luck on his side

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  • Of course, his achievements/results for Real Madrid speaks for itself

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Thread: Do you actually think Zinedine Zidane is a great coach?

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    I think he is better than Lucho who failed at Roma was mediocre at Celta and lost in quarter-finals to average Atletico team with MSN upfront. To lose in quarters in UCL with MSN is unacceptable unless it's to Bayern or Real. He has won everything he could at Real Madrid so far (League 15-16 was lost by Benitez before Zidane came in) and now he won UEFA Super Cup, FIFA CWC and surely will win at least La Liga.

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    Too early to really answer on poll question so I won't vote.

    As others have pointed out he's clearly a smart coach with authority among the players. He wouldn't be able to rest Ronaldo as much as he does this season if he wouldn't have a total trust of him and other players.

    I don't think he's a tactical wizard or that they play a great football but he's a very good motivator and is getting the best out of a very good and talented team. I also think his advantage (compared to Lucho) is that his players are much more motivated to win La Liga than most of our core players are because we've won it so often and they only had one league title in last 7 seasons. If they win a double or treble this season (hopefully not but I think there are good chances for that to happen) we'll see if Zidane could still keep his team hungry and motivated next season. If he can do that then I'll consider him a great coach because that's one of the hardest things for coaches to do.

    Also, what we'll probably see before that is how he will react if/when inevitable will happen and they'll finally lose a game. Will they fall into a bad period like we did last season for the next 2 or 3 games or will they recuperate quickly?

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    Not too sure of his wizardry and I am actually inclined towards negating his over-rated tag as the fans in here most often tend to not appreciate any thing about Real Madrid...... But he is definitely very practical and he is getting results and so does deserve credit for that!
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    A binary poll isn't the best for a question like this. He's a good coach but not great.


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    Of course, his achievements/results for Real Madrid speaks for itself

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    He is the same level as Lucho to me. A very good manager, but not a great manager.

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    Being unbiased - he is a good coach - not great as he hasn't been in management long to be considered great.

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    He keeps it nice and simple and knows how to motivate his players and keep them united, like what lucho did in 2015 before it all went bad in 2016

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    I think he did a great job yesterday going with 3 men at the back. Managed to neutralize Sevilla's attack quite a lot. Also Sevilla smart to keep the pace of the game slower so Real Madrid couldn't be as explosive on the counter as they probably wished.

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    You can't really judge a coach until he goes through a challenging period. Zidane has been okay but he has also been very lucky. There were times that he really screwed up but luck was on his side. You can say he is a decent coach, but to be considered great you must sail through some serious storms.

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    Seems like Zidane is going to win La Liga and Champions League (would also the 1st team to win back-to-back if they accomplish it).

    Madrid are doing great with him in charge.