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Thread: Tickets CL:Barcelona-Psg 08/03/17

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    Tickets CL:Barcelona-Psg 08/03/17

    Hi everybody! I'm italian, i'll be in Barcelona on 8th march 2017 and i would like to see the CL match Barca-Psg. Can anyone tell me which is the better way to buy tickets online? When will the official website open the sell to everybody (also not-members)??
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    A lot of online sites are already selling tickets. Best way is to compare them and get the best prices.

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    One of my friends bought the ticket for the FCB-Paris game from for $117 (corner seat). Keep checking the site. From what I understand, the game may not be sold out and you might be able to buy the same day at the box office. Also check the FCB official site a week before the game.

    Till now I have watched a Liga and a CL game at Camp Nou and the El Clasico at Madrid. So limited experience here.