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Thread: Liga l Round 12: FC Barcelona - Malaga 0-0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bojan View Post
    Problem is, who do you buy as replacement for Dani Alves?
    And while not a natural RB, when I look to man of the match ratings, Roberto is one of our best performers in last 2 years.
    Dani Alves left because for six months before Vidal could play he had to experience the false enthusiasm, namely that there's Vidal waiting and training, so he didn't want to compete anymore, specially due to his age. He couldn't and wouldn't forgive the staff for that. Alves simply should have stayed another year or two. I saw all the recent NT Brazil performances, he played absolutely great!
    Roberto is very good, talented and all that but not the same class. You shouldn't forget that we have lost heavy points in the Liga due to his mistakes in defense. He is simply not a defender, too intelligent, not fast enough and specially not aggressive enough.
    A year ago, when Messi was injured for two months, Neymar and Suarez could win almost all games, mostly when Roberto was at the right (like the first goal of the Clasico in last November). But the right wing is not the same if a defensive Roberto plays and specially not when the slow-motion Arda gives away all those balls...

    By the way, I'm simply amazed to hear that the coach was "happy" with Paco's performance... A performance where he didn't meet the ball at all and had a single successful pass out of altogether four of them! All this against an inferior opponent. I think this simply ridiculous...

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