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Thread: 10 - Lionel Messi

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonAK View Post
    You only need to look at the game vs Villarreal where Messi started out at the RW and stayed there for a good 15 minutes before moving to the center and deep down the field again.


    Because he was not getting the ball.

    That's the #1 issue right now. You can say Messi should stay put out wide, but who gets him the ball there? Certainly not Roberto or whoever plays the RCM position and Iniesta and Busquets have enough on their hands trying to keep the ball away from the opposition press.
    Well then he needs to just trust his teammates more then I guess. Hard thing to say with the midfield options and their form right now but part of why they have looked like crap is because they are playing out of position. None of us want the ball not to be at Messi's feet as much as possible but so many other players are being put out of position because of it. Suarez is another one who fills that RW spot sometimes. That's why some of his performances haven't been up to the level he's capable of.
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    Illarramendi's fouls on Messi during the CdR-game yesterday.

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    If Messi starts to get more support from mifdfield I am sure he will play on RW

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    Positive: he ran a lot
    Negative: should have been more careful, could've been sent off

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    I just watched the match again and have to say that Messi did alright. No way we had won without him. He may not have been as brilliant as we are used to seeing him play, but was fully committed to help the team and fight, even in defense. He was fouled and harrassed throughout the match by Illaramendi but still created chances for Neymar and Suarez. How about his backheel that almost resulted in a goal by Neymar? He did not try to get any personal glory, except maybe with the freekick (he did earn himself) that missed the crossbar by a very small margin.
    He got a yellow card for delaying the game, but did much more by stabilizing the midfield, in particular when Iniesta was out of the game.
    Overall, a very good effort to help the team overcome the curse. It was not the kind of game for Messi to experiment with a limited RW role instead of optimizing the number of touches to gain control of a very choppy game.

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    He shouldn't have to stabilise the midfield, create from midfield, we should have midfielders that do that. Not to mention the fact we can't rely on Suarez and Nemar to carry the attack if Messi is deeper.