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Thread: 10 - Lionel Messi

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    I hope Messi's ban does not get reduced purely because I would now like to sit back and watch FIFA try to juggle the infinite level of cases that is now going to head their way because of this stupid decision.

    I think that it is going to be quite comical in nature. Imagine a player swearing at an official in a world cup semi-final. Now imagine that player also has a high profile in the sport but is not in FIFA's bad books, i.e. Ronaldo, Pogba, Griezmann etc. Are they going to ban them from the final just because they said a bad word?

    Ha ha, the public will absolutely hate on FIFA for this stupid rule and they will hate them even more if it spoils the main event.

    FIFA have dug a deep hole for themselves and I'm going to enjoy watching them desperately trying to scramble out of it.

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    Maradona: I'll have a word with Infantino about Messi's ban

    Maybe Maradona will try to increase the ban lol
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