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Thread: 24 - Yerry Mina

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBZ8800 View Post
    It needs to be repeated from time to time: so, he was the best or one of the best South American CBs?
    And voted for a defender of the year in Brasil?

    And Marlon was never hyped up as any of that and is 5x the player Mina is while showing comfortable footing in every game he's ever played for us. As well as being a good starter for Nice. Mina was hyped up for all the wrong reasons. Scored a bunch of set piece goals and can head the ball, which is enough to delude many fans he had any real ability.

    Arthur is hyped for all the right reasons. All the right performances, excellence at every level he's played at, and showing the perfect abilities/standout statistics that we need of a player. Just because Mina failed doesn't mean every Brazilian league player is a failure. And Arthur literally has nothing left to prove himself in the situation he's in, so unless you're saying that the ONLY reason he will be a failure is because he is from Brazil you have no leg to stand on.

    I said it well before Mina came and I'm saying it now well before Arthur comes. Arthur is a far superior prospect, more worthy of the transfer fee and non-EU spot, and is way more likely to adapt to European football at Barca.
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    Needs to be loaned out for a couple seasons at the very least.

    I'm not expecting much or for him to ever contribute to the club tbh.

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    Really looking forward to see this guy with Colombia this summer and if he plays anywhere near as shit as he does at Barca.
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