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Thread: Alan Pulido

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    Alan Pulido

    Alan Pulido Izaguirre (born 8 March 1991), Mexican striker currently playing for Olympiacos bla bla bla bla who cares
    Have you heard the news? This guy is Jason Bourne.

    CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamps. - Authorities of tamaulipas recognized today that they did not rescue the international soccer player, Alan Pulido Izaguirre, when in reality the same athlete made “a phone call to 066 [Mexican 911] to locate him”.

    “A little before midnight of Sunday, May 29th, proffesional soccer player was rescued safe and sound,” said a report by the Coordination Group of Tamaulipas on Sunday night.

    However, today Monday morning the attorney Ismael Quintanilla Acosta offered a press conference to confirm that the player had escaped his captors, who were keeping him in a safe house.

    Hours before, the own player told the police that in an opportune moment he hit one of the outlaws who was guarding him in a room. After which he took the pistol and shot the perpetrator. Then he broke the glass of a window, which caused the second criminal to flee. He finally called the authorities.

    After federal and state forces arrived to “rescue him”, Pulido was taken to the Public Security installations where his injuries were treated after being beaten by his captors.

    The Olympic player’s features emanated sadness and fear. Governor Egidio Torre Cantú took advantage of the player’s stay to take pictures with him and congratulate federal and state forces for the “successful operative”.
    Alan Pulido said in a brief media commentary that he was “fine thank God”. The authorities announced that they will give more details of the rescue mission today.

    Hours before, the self-named criminal group “Zeta Vieja Escuelas” [literally ‘Z’ Old School] hung at least one banner and broadcasted on social media a message which stated that members of the State Police protected members of the Cartel del Noreste (CDN) [Northeastern Cartel] who were responsible for the athlete’s kidnapping.

    “You fucking Estatales [state police], let everyone know that in the player’s kidnapping yesterday they covered Tiki Tiki’s escape”, said one such text.

    The so called “Tiki Tiki” is one of the leaders of the CDN in Ciudad Victoria. The principle capo of that group is identified by military authorities as Juan Francisco Treviño, aka “Kiko Treviño”, nephew of Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, aka “Z40”, who is currently being held in Almoloya.

    The story that the Zetas Vieja Escuela and its ally the Grupo Bravo are propagating coincides with the way previous criminal group operations have worked when they carry out high impact events, in which they solicit corrupt police officers to protect the cartel members them as they withdraw.

    The international soccer player’s kidnapping occurred at 11:30 PM Saturday night when he and his girlfriend Iliana Salas left a party at the palapa zone in the National Park Los Troncones, according to authorities.
    They were intercepted in a spot close to the park by at least two vehicles with armed men and covered faces. The outlaws took the Olympic player and his BMW car. They removed the woman from the car, who promptly alerted authorities by calling from her cell phone.

    The place where the player was kidnapped is a “hive of Zetas, where mass graves and criminal safehouses have been found previously”, according to a source in the State Prosecutor’s office.
    During all of Sunday, hundreds of members of the state police, members of the Mexican Army and federal police carried out a big rescue mission in the area, while a helicopter scouted over Ciudad Victoria and the surrounding highway.
    As the mission carried on, members of the local police began to raid safehouses in different parts of Tamaulipas’ capital to try and find the missing player.

    Oh we're not done here:

    Hours after his rescue, the hacker-group Anonymous claimed that the "kidnapping" incident was probably set-up staged by the mexican government because of the upcoming elections.

    The next morning several big media outlets in Mexico (REFORMA, LA OPINIÓN, EL UNIVERSAL, EXCÉLSIOR, SOPITAS) agreed that this is fishy for several reasons.

    • Why was Pulido allowed to make calls?
    • The guy lives in Greece now. How does he even remember the phone numbers of anyone?
    • Why was his girlfriend released at the very beginning?
    • Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre cannot even enter the United States since Interpol highlights his connections to the drug cartels.
    • Pulido was left free to roam in the house where he was being held hostage. Why? No kidnappers ever, EVER do this.
    • Pulido gave details and exact location of the house he was being held hostage, which means his eyes were never covered. Again, no Mexican kidnapper ever forgets this. Why now?
    • The kidnappers were arrested without putting a single bullet or threat of resistance. Again, this does not ever happen.

    Other theories claim that the kidnapping wasn't actually staged:
    A local gang kidnapped him. The corrupt local government (PRI) finds out, is pissed as fuck and tells their gangster compadres to free him because they are in the middle of an election. Pulido is released and they put a hero-story behind all that to make it credible.

    Oh yeah still not done:

    And that's enough Mexico for today. Fantastic country.

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    To be honest, Mexico isn't all bad despite what the Western media says. Alan actually comes from the shittest state of them all. Tamaulipas is terrible and he was dumb as hell to be driving around with an BMW. But I've read he is a show off so I'm not surprised. There is also strict rule with the cartels( in many Latin American countries) that footballers are off limit. Makes sense that it was his relative in the end.

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    His cousin's husband set up the abduction..