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Thread: Lliga | Round 37: FC Barcelona - RCD Espanyol 5-0

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    Quote Originally Posted by God Serena View Post
    I've like never been able to find one when needed. *shrugs*

    I guess I'm too apoiled to need these resources.
    Whenever Barça plays go here

    dozens of links will be available of every kind

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    Yep, reddit is filled with them, and they're usually well ranked SD/HD, Language, Mobile or not etc ..
    The Internet is full of tribute videos with some version of the title "Messi doesn't dive" a trait rare in a sport where players roll around on the ground like gunshot victims when an opponent so much as breathes on them.

    Theories abound about why Messi won't fall, about his character or his respect for the game, but I think it's much simpler. If he dives, he loses the ball.