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Thread: Richard 'Riqui' Puig

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    Quote Originally Posted by George_Costanza View Post
    I see this cult of small physique won't make it in a modern football started by BBZ and he made some followers here. This is not contact sports such as Rugby, American football or even basketball so physique is not what makes a footballer better in most positions. When Barcelona was dominating Europe between 2008-2014, we had one of the shortest team in whole Europe. Also looking at the best players in the history, Messi is 5'7, Maradona 5'5 and Pele 5'8, it's a physics reason why a shorter player is better in the midfield and even some forward positions. The short players can change directions much faster than tall ones, and they have better control over their limbs. Lower center of gravity allows quick rotation that makes shorter best and fastest dribblers. The myth of ubermensch has to end really in this forum. We should look for tall players for Goalkeeper position because he must cover as much physical area as possible, and it can help if defenders tower over their opponents too.
    Quote Originally Posted by te amo barca View Post
    Lol this reminds me of concerns about Messi not making it because of his physique.. I believe that Puig will make it at Barca, at least as a rotation option.
    Some of you don't get it do you? FFS it's not only about his height but his physical appearance! Messi has more muscles in his left leg than Puig on his entire body! Even Denis looks like a fucking Terminator in comparison to Puig.
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