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Thread: Richard 'Riqui' Puig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danic View Post
    Thank god no one cares what members of this forum say after ONE "bad" game of a decent player. Otherwise we would maybe loose a real gem.
    What is it with all this black or white thinking?! Everyone plays a bad game even the mighty Leo....
    Apart from that we have to take a look at the overall team at this game with uncommon tactics and formation.
    It's not just ONE bad game tbh.
    He is still physically struggling vs 'Segunda B' players and some flashy movements and passes from youtube highlights can't hide the fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBZ8800 View Post
    Messi 170 cm, 72 kg
    Kante 168 cm, 70 kg
    Puig 169 cm, 56 kg
    Lady Gaga 155 cm, 53 kg
    Angelina Jolie 169 cm, 54 kg
    Lana Del Rey 170 cm, 55 kg
    Keira Knightley 170 cm, 54 kg

    If Riki went into a 1 vs 1 duel involving some pushing and tackling, he would have 50:50 chances against Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie and similar:

    Let's hope that in the future Champions league teams will field defenders who will be skinnier and physically weaker than Keira and Angelina, because Riki would struggle in tackles against these two ladies.

    Let's hope...

    Actually I was praising Kante saying that even if he is smaller than Puig ( LOL) he is still a world cup champion, best player in EPL at some point , etc.

    The GOAT potential midfielder for Barcelona
    ,,Concha de tu madre, hijo de mil putas"

    - I will NOT watch another Barcelona game untill Valverde leaves -

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