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Thread: Richard 'Riqui' Puig

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    Puig might be able to pull off turns with his low centre of gravity but he needs to be able to use that like Messi, Don and Xavi did in order to not just be overwhelmed by virtue of sheer difference of strength. Segunda is perfect place for him to learn how to shrug off actual adult players without that being determential to the first team. Rushing him into the first team without him bring used to players that are on average a good 4-5 inches bigger than him would harm his confidence and development

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    What a masterclass by Riqui against the league leaders. I have not watched two of Barca B latest games but people here are making him and Aleņa look like some overhyped players. I see people here say Riqui is weak physically and Aleņa would only be a squad player in the future. The same people will hype Rakitic and coutinho. The former is good, but is very overhyped by this fanbase. The latter is average even when he play in MF and can only shoot from what I have seen. This fanbase has an agenda against la masia and I dont understand why. People that follow la masia closely and is happy for youth players will be called for "la masia merchant" or "cruyffista".

    Okey if people here say Aleņa and Riqui will be the next Xavi and Iniesta they ofc deserved to be criticized. But being criticized for believing in Aleņa and Puig and trust them to succeed in Barca? Disgusting fanbase will only like first team players. Many of you are like Valverde that only likes players with experience. Coutinho is 26 and has alot of experience. Still average. Aleņa and Puig > Coutinho and it's fact. No hype. If I'm wrong explain to me why? You can't because Coutinho is very average. Dispossessed easily and is poor overall. Only goals will make up for his performance.

    Barca fans:
    -Riqui: Physical weak. Easy to bully they say? But they won't say that segunda players fouling him because they can't stop otherwise. Ofc he needs to improve his physic but some people here think he won't here make it here because of that small reason. Disgusting. Riqui play like a true Barca midfielder, a very press resistant MF. Will be our future. His physic is weak but it can be fixed. Pep was also weak but Cruyff believed in him. He was skinny and barca coached wanted to get rid of him because of that. The most important thing is his technical ability. Unique technique for me and I trust him.

    Aleņa: squad player in the future I heard from some here? Disgusting. You don't know that? He is a baller and how good he will be is something we don't know. Against Spurs he was our best MF and he barely has experience. Imagine with alot of experience and a better coach? Ahh.. made few mistakes against Spurs and I trust him.

    Today about Mateu Morey: he doesn't have experience and wague is better. Sure I agree with that. It doesn't make him bad. We have not seen him enough in Barca B and he will come back. Give him some time? How do you get experience? Yes with playing time for the first team. Who knew Busquets back in 2008? People would have preferred Xabi Alonso over him. Wague is better now but he will probably play for the first team soon. Mateu Morey will show what he can do with the B team and we will see if he is good enough.

    Barca fans should stop hating on la masia players only because they don't have enough experience. Give them time to prove themself and then talk. It's not like our first team midfielders like Rakitic and Coutinho are Barca level. Only Arthur and Vidal have perfofmed this season. Busquets will strike backsoon and will play well again. You can't doubt him anyway because he has been consistent in 10 years.

    But my point is before Barca fans criticises our youngsters think about our first team players. And give our youngsters some time.
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